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Hude Quan, MD, PhD


Dr. Hude Quan is a Professor at the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary and Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Classification, Terminology and Standards at the O’Brien Institute for Public Health. Dr. Quan is the Lead for Alberta’s Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) SUPPORT Unit Methods Support & Development Platform.

Dr. Quan is an internationally renowned leader in health services research methodology, which is the hub for research and educational activities in this field of research. He is leading an international research group of health information-International Methodology Consortium for Coded Health Information- created to develop, test, and promote methodological advances for the applied use of coded health information with the aim of improving methods in health services research. Dr. Quan has published over 250 papers in peer reviewed journals; in 2014 and 2015, Thomson Reuters listed him as one of the world’s highly cited researchers.

Email: hquan@ucalgary.ca

Twitter: @hudequan


Maria J. Santana, MPharm, PhDmaria

Dr. Maria Santana is an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Calgary, W21C Research and Innovation Centre, O’Brien Institute of Public Health and the Department of Community Health Sciences. Dr. Santana completed a degree in Pharmacy and a Master in Pharmaceutical Technology at University of La Laguna in Spain. In 2009, she received her PhD in Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Alberta. Dr. Santana is a patient-reported outcome measures methodologist. The adoption of patient-reported outcome measures as standard practice at the University of Alberta Hospital lung transplant clinics is an outcome of her doctoral research. Current research interests include patient-centered care, patient engagement, transitions of care, the practice of Iyengar yoga for chronically ill individuals, and quality of care.

Email: mjsantan@ucalgary.ca

Twitter: @SantanaW21C


Danielle Southern, MSc


Danielle is a Research Associate with the W21C Research and Innovation Centre, O’Brien Institute of Public Health and the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary.  Danielle has a background in Applied Mathematics and Statistics (BSc University of Manitoba) and Biostatistics (MSc University of Calgary).  She works with many inter-disciplinary teams as an analyst and coordinator.   She works as a Senior Analyst with the Alberta Provincial Project for Outcomes Assessment in Coronary Heart Disease (APPROACH) and a Member of the World Health Organization Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Quality & Safety Topic Advisory Group.

Email: dasouthe@ucalgary.ca

Twitter: @dasouthe

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Pietro Ravani, MD, PhD FNCPSIPietro Ravani Photo

Dr. Pietro Ravani is a Professor and Clinician Scientist in the
Department of Medicine and O’Brien Institute of Public Health at the University of Calgary. Dr. Ravani received his medical training at the University of Parma, Italy,
and completed a Master’s of Science in Biostatistics at the University of Pavia, Italy, followed by a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Dr. Ravani worked as a practicing physician in Italy until 2008, when he moved to Calgary to start his academic career. His research interests include statistical methods in outcomes research and design of clinical trials and longitudinal studies in kidney disease.

Email: pravani@ucalgary.ca


Tyler Williamson, PhDTyler_Williamson_biopic

Tyler Williamson is an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary and a member of the O’Brien Institute of Public Health and the Alberta Children’s Hospital research Institute. His research interests include health data integration (combining electronic medical record and health administrative data), chronic disease surveillance and research using electronic medical record data, and non-canonical link functions for binomial generalized linear models.  He is a national and internationally recognized in the use of electronic medical record data for public health surveillance, health services research, and practice quality improvement working with organizations such as the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada’s Marketed Health Products Directorate.

Email: tyler.williamson@ucalgary.ca


Tolulope Sajobi, PhDIMG_1581 

Dr. Sajobi received his PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Saskatchewan.  He is a methodologist, trained in the theory and application of statistical methods to real life problems. His research interests include analysis of longitudinal data, multivariate statistics, and methods for analysing quality of life outcomes. He collaborates with academics, clinicians, and applied researchers on various research projects using statistical tools to extract valuable information from large datasets.

Email: tolu.sajobi@ucalgary.ca


Mingshan Lu, PhDMingshan_Lu

Dr. Mingshan Lu is a Professor in the Department of Economics and an Adjunct Professor at Department of Community Health Sciences at University of Calgary, as well as a Fellow at the Institute of Health Economics in Alberta. Dr. Lu has been a Visiting Associate Professor at University of Technology, Sydney, as well as Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Lu is a health economist whose research expertise is on health care financing issues, with a focus on the economic incentives in different funding and payment systems.  Her research program spans the following topics: health care financing, design and impacts of health care payment systems, risk adjustment and fund allocation, health care disparities and vulnerable populations, global health and health sector reform in China, and economics of substance abuse and mental health. Dr. Lu has done innovative and original research in performance-based contracting and alternative payment methods for physicians. Through applying economic theories and econometrics methods to evaluate the impacts of health care financing methods, her work has contributed to a better understanding of how economic incentives could be used in health care payment to improve system performance.

Email: lu@ucalgary.ca


Bonnie Lashewicz, PhDBL July-14 IMG_4950

Bonnie Lashewicz leads a program of community engaged qualitative research derived from feminist scholarship views that the power of research lies not only in whose perspectives are heard, but also in the steps through which perspectives are recorded and interpreted.  Bonnie focuses on families navigating and negotiating responsibilities and identities in relation to providing support to members who have disability, mental health disorder and/or chronic disease diagnoses and she strives to record and interrogate “natural ethnographic data” in the forms of expressions about, and enactments of, care relationships. Bonnie gains access to participants by working in partnership with an array of human services agencies in urban and rural settings. Bonnie encompasses in-depth accounts from as many members as are interested and available and, as a result, has an expanding set of multi-perspective data.

Her research projects have been funded nationally, provincially and locally and she has a growing reputation for engaging community collaborators and student researchers in all stages of research processes and outcomes.   Bonnie’s data, and the research articles and implications driven by her data, are complex and rich and continue to be focused on under-examined topics of ambivalence, decision-making, vulnerability and resilience at the intersection of ability differences, social disablement, health and family.  Her articles are published in journals devoted to mental health, nursing, social work and disability studies and her corresponding practice implications have been taken up by an array of health and social support agencies.

Email: bmlashew@ucalgary.ca


Mark Lowerison (Big Data & Simulations)lowerisonsmall.png__250x237_q85_crop_upscale

Mark is Director for Research & Academics with the CRU.  Mark has been with the CRU since 2010 as a Statistician and Software Specialist where he developed new services and tools for CRU clients, statistical analysis of selected trial data, managed CRU computing environment, and CRU web tool development. In 2012, Mark took on the role of Director of the Clinical Research Unit in order to focus on the growth and development of the CRU’s tools and the business of the unit as a whole. While the CRU has well established service offerings in quality-assured data collection, one of the most exciting aspects of his new position is to develop and refine new services, allowing the CRU to become a full spectrum clinical research support unit.

Mark has been back in Calgary for 4 years now, moving here from Guelph, Ontario. He has years of experience in statistics, programming, quantitative genetics.

Email: mwloweri@ucalgary.ca

Twitter: @cruCalgary


Diane Lorenzetti, MLS LibrarianDiane 4 (002)

Diane Lorenzetti is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in th
e University of Calgary’s Department of Community Health Sciences and a Research Librarian with the Institute of Health Economics. She received her Master’s degree from the University of Toronto in 1991 and has over 15 years of experience in the fields of medical and scientific librarianship and information studies, with particular emphasis on the practice and teaching of systematic reviews and HTA methodologies. She is Co-Representative of the University of Calgary Canadian Cochrane Centre Regional Site and through this role provides support and training to researchers undertaking systematic reviews for the Cochrane Collaboration.

Email: dllorenz@ucalgary.ca


Evan Minty, MD, MScEvan_web_resize

Dr. Evan Minty, with W21C Research and Innovation Centre, completed his BSc in Biophysics at the University of British Columbia, and MSc in Physics at the University of Alberta. He completed his MD and General Internal Medicine fellowship training at the University of Calgary, where he practices internal medicine. He is currently taking an MSc in Biomedical Informatics through Stanford University. Current research interests lie in the domain of clinical research informatics: the study of data analysis techniques that have applications in the era of the electronic health record.  This includes the analysis of structured and unstructured data, the development and use of clinical ontologies, and reasoning in conditions of uncertainty. The ultimate application of these techniques is the development of tools to define and improve the process of clinical care.

Email: epminty@ucalgary.ca

Mingkai Peng, PhDIMG_Mingkai

Mingkai Peng is a Statistical Associate with the O’Brien Institute of Public Health.  Mingkai has a background in Forestry (PhD, University of New Brunswick) and brings experience in data mining to his work.  Since 2013, Mingkai has been working with Dr. Quan on several projects on hypertension surveillance and health data quality evaluation using administrative health data and electronic medical records (EMR).

Email: mpeng@ucalgary.ca

Rachel Jolley, MScIMG_1556

Rachel Jolley is a Research Associate with the Methods Hub.  She holds an MSc in Community Health Sciences from the University of Calgary specializing in health services research. Her primary focus has been on the identification of sepsis cases using administrative data.

Email: rjjolley@ucalgary.ca

Kelsey Lucyk, MSc, PhD Candidate   IMG_1570

Kelsey Lucyk is a PhD Candidate in Population/Public Health at the Department of Community Health Sciences. She is a qualitative researcher interested in the history of population and public health in Canada and the evolution of the social determinants of health concept. As a Research Assistant, Kelsey provides support to the team’s day to day activities.

Email: klucyk@ucalgary.ca

Robin Walker, PhD IMG_Robin18

Robin Walker was recently awarded a PhD in Community Health Sciences, focussing on health services research.  Robin examined hospital admissions related to common chronic conditions—referred to as ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSC)—such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Determining the number of avoidable ACSC hospitalizations will help to inform health policy decision-makers about the appropriateness of using ACSC hospitalizations as a measure of the quality and performance of primary health care. As a result, there is potential to improve the planning and delivery of primary services to better meet the needs of the Canadian population.  Robin’s research interests include health care system indicators and performance, administrate data and related methods.

Email: walkr@ucalgary.ca

Ceara Cunningham, PhD

Ceara CunninghamCeara Cunningham is a PhD graduate from the Community Health Sciences department, specializing in Health Services Research. In her PhD, Ceara examined the effects of physician payment plans on the completeness and validity of administrative data and data improvement strategies in Canada. Her research aimed to gain a better understanding regarding the suspected data loss occurring due to new physician payment programs and to examine how the quality of national health data can be improved. She has held Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral awards. It is her goal to work as a program leader specializing in health care system performance, informing public health policy.

Email: ctcunnin@ucalgary.ca

Cathy A. Eastwood, RN MN, PhD IMG_Cathy

Cathy is a Senior Research Associate with the Methods Hub.  She received her Bachelor of Nursing degree in 1986 from the University of Calgary. She began her career in a variety of nursing roles including staff nurse in home health, cardiology, ICU/CCU, cardiovascular charge nurse, and nurse educator. In 1996, she completed a Master of Nursing degree from the University of Calgary and became a clinical nurse specialist. Cathy founded and managed an outpatient heart failure clinic in Houston, Texas achieving significant improvement in the quality of life of patients, admission rate, and related hospital costs. Cathy chaired several interdisciplinary committees including the Heart Failure Collaborative Practice Team that addressed quality and cost issues throughout the hospital’s continuum of care and length of stay and quality indicators for heart failure. Cathy established Successful Hearts: a Heart Failure Support Group for the city of Houston, the first of its kind in the area. In both Canada and the USA, she has been a consultant and speaker on heart failure disease management and medications. To date, she has published 9 articles, 27 referred abstracts for conference proceedings, and has been an invited speaker on 14 occasions.  Cathy’s PhD in Nursing research focused on reasons for readmission following hospitalization for heart failure.

Email: caeastwo@ucalgary.ca


Yuan Xu, PhD CandidateIMG_Shawn

Yuan is a second-year PhD student of Dr. Hude Quan. He is interested in exploring the data extracting methods form the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to analyze the outcome and resource use for patients with liver disease.

Jason Jiang, MScIMG_Jason

Jason received his MSc from the department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary specializing in health services research. He is a statistical research analyst in the same department. Jason is examining how the quality of discharge data changes over time. His primary research focuses include chronic disease surveillance using administrative data and health research methods.

Email: sjjiang@ucalgary.ca

Shiva Wagel, Research Associate LIACIMG_Shiva

Shiva Wagle is a Statistical Associate in the Libin Cardiovascular Analysis Core (LIAC) within the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. Shiva has MSc in Statistics (University of Calgary), another MSc and BSc in Statistics from Nepal.

His research interest is application of statistical methods in large data sets (e.g. administrative health data, establishing case definition, model validation etc.)

Stephanie Garies, PhD StudentIMG_Stephanie

Stephanie is a PhD student in epidemiology in the Department of Community Health Sciences with a background in public health (MPH, University of Warwick).  She is currently the research associate in southern Alberta for the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN), the first pan-Canadian multi-disease surveillance system that uses de-identified clinical information extracted from electronic medical records (EMR) in primary care settings. Her research interests include health data integration (EMR and administrative databases), as well as disease surveillance and primary health care research using the CPCSSN database.

Guosong Wu, PhD Student

GuosongGuosong Wu is a PhD student in Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. Prior to beginning the PhD program, Guosong worked as a faculty/lecture at Harbin Medical University in China. He joined Tsinghua University as a visiting scholar in September 2012. His research interests focus on Patient Safety Indicators Development, Hospital patient Safety Culture Measurement and Hospital risk management. His research activities include developing Patient Safety Indicators for Emergency Department and using HSOPS (Hospital Safety of Patient Safety Culture Survey) to measure patient safety culture across hospitals. His PhD project will focus on development of Patient Safety Indicators for critically ill patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. This research is addressing the need of EMR analytical technology and will be translated into the SCN initiatives.

Email: guosong.wu@ucalgary.ca 

Kyle Kemp, PHD Student

Kyle Headshot WebsiteKyle is a PhD student in the Department of Community Health Sciences (Health Services Research specialization). Prior to moving to Calgary in 2012, Kyle was a Research Manager in Orthopaedic Surgery at the Ottawa Hospital, and to date, has authored 19 peer-reviewed manuscripts and 32 conference abstracts. He is currently a Consultant with Alberta Health Services, and in this role, provides methods and analytic support to stakeholders conducting research/quality improvement projects. Kyle’s doctoral research will explore the relationship between inpatient hospital experience and other health outcomes. The goal of this research is to provide objective evidence to inform patient-centered care initiatives across Alberta.

Email: kkemp@ucalgary.ca


Kimberly Manalili, MPHIMG_3221

Kimberly is a Research Associate with the Methods Hub.  She holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Alberta, and has worked in the areas of Global Health, and community/international development. Kim is interested in measurement and evaluation methods, particularly in qualitative research, developing tools, indicators, and evaluation frameworks. Kim also provides ongoing coordination and research support to the team.

Email: kmanalil@ucalgary.ca

Chelsea Doktorchik, MSc


Chelsea is a Research Assistant with the Methods Hub and is currently completing her Masters of Science in Population and Public Health at the University of Calgary. Her research is focused on improving maternal mental health and preventing adverse birth outcomes and involves collaborations with basic science researchers, clinical researchers, and physicians. With almost seven years of experience in basic science and clinical research, she has designed and carried out various quantitative research studies, including analyses of sodium reduction initiatives, undergraduate medical education improvement, as well as work in the fields of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and obstetrical sciences. Chelsea’s current research contributions with the Methods Hub include evaluating patient-centered care on a global scale and improving the quality of data used in mental health research.

Email: ctadokto@ucalgary.ca

Sandra Zelinsky


Sandra Zelinsky is using her experience as a patient to change the philosophy of patient engagement and include patients up-front in decision-making. As a graduate of the Patient and Community Engagement Research (PaCER) program within the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, at the University of Calgary, Sandra is using her research skills to advance patient engagement for Alberta’s Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs). Accreditation Canada and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute are pleased to recognize Sandra Zelinsky as a Patient Safety Champion.


Alyssa LamIMG_4266

Alyssa is the Program Coordinator for the Methods Hub. She has a degree in Communications from the University of Calgary and has been working in progressive administrative and event coordinating positions for the past 9 years in the fine art, consulting and oil and gas industries. Her interests lie in developing and coordinating opportunities for networking and education. In her role at the Methods Hub, Alyssa provides a wide range of communications and administrative support, as well as event coordination and execution.

Email: Lamal@ucalgary.ca


Brenda Leung, PhDBLeung_photo

Dr. Brenda Leung is an Assistant Professor and Emmy Droog Chair of Complementary and Alternative Healthcare at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Lethbridge. Dr. Leung received her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Calgary. Her research focuses on maternal nutritional intake and status and its impact on metabolic dysregulation and maternal mood during the perinatal period, and on fetal development and child health. Her projects include investigating the role of nutrient biomarkers in gestational diabetes and perinatal depression. She has been an investigator on studies ranging from large longitudinal cohorts to clinical trials using multi-ingredient products and whole systems approach. She continues to work with researchers, practitioners, and community members to explore innovative methods in the study of non-conventional therapies. 

Email: brenda.leung@uleth.ca