Episode 8: Using PROMs and PREMs in health care: always start with the WHY question!

In this episode, Dr. Sandra Beurskens discusses why we need to ask ourselves what the primary goal of measurement is and what the professional and patient want. Measuring has often become a goal in and of itself, instead of serving the interest of health care. Therefore, posing the WHY, HOW and WHAT questions is important.

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Release Date: July 18, 2016
Duration : 11:03

PictureDr. Sandra Beurskens

Dr. Beurskens is a lecturer at the research centre, Autonomy and Participation of Persons with Chronic Illness, and a professor of Goal Oriented Measurement in Patient Care at Maastricht University. Her professional background is in physical therapy and epidemiology. Her interests and expertise focus on using measurements in daily care, patient-centered goal setting, evidence based practice, client participation and the implementation and evaluation of collaborative practice of allied health professionals in primary care.

Dr. Beurskens’ projects are aimed at innovations and answering questions of care professionals. With the results of the projects the research centre hopes to support persons with chronic illnesses to live the life they want to.