There are several research groups that collaborate with The Methods Hub. Some of these groups include SPOR, WHO-CC, Hypertension Canada ORTF, Libin LIAC, and the IMECHHI group.

Alberta’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR)

Alberta’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU) is dedicated to the integration of research into care, so that the right patient receives the right care at the right time. AbSPORU fosters evidence-informed health care by bringing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the point of care, to ensure greater quality, accountability, and accessibility of care.

Methods Hub team members and collaborators work together to support  the AbSPORU Methods Support & Development Platform. While some of the Methods Hub team are dedicated Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit staff under this platform, the Methods Hub structure facilitates collaboration across the different methodological research streams such as biostatistical modeling, qualitative research, data analytics, health economics, health informatics and patient-oriented measures. Through the Methods Hub, methodological questions that could not be addressed by AbSPORU staff will be sent to other Hub members for advice.

Some of the support provided through the Methods Support & Development Platform include:

  • Supporting the development of innovative quantitative and qualitative methods for utilizing data
  • Developing ideas for innovative tools to conduct patient-oriented research
  • Provide advice on methodology and protocol development
  • Developing and validating ICD coding algorithms for defining disease
  • Provide advice on measuring patient-centred care
  • Provide training on novel methodologies

Researchers working in patient-oriented research can obtain support from SPOR, by submitting a request:

Step 1: Consult the AbSPORU website to assess whether your project is eligible for support

Step 2: Apply for AbSPORU support through the AbSPORU portal

WHO Collaborating Centre for Classification, Terminology and Standards (WHO-CC)

The Terms of Reference for Calgary’s WHO-CC are:
1. Development and maintenance of WHO classification, terminology and standards products, particularly to:
a) Integrate the WHO Family of International Classifications (e.g. ICD, ICF, and others) into research;
b) Develop relevant terminologies and ontologies that serve different practical health information systems and function harmoniously in multiple environments;
c) Ensure linkages and interoperability with other health information systems and standards.
2. Continuous quality improvement of WHO classification, terminology and standards products, specifically in the areas of:
a) Implementation and assessing that classification, terminology, and standards products are fit for purpose, meet user requirements, and ensure accuracy, reliability, and quality;
b) Field Trials and Studies, engaging in testing of classifications, terminologies, and standards in relevant practice and real-world situations;
c) Training through the production of education programmes, training courses, and other related educational activities.
3. Research and networking on WHO classification, terminology and standards products through:
a) Conducting translational research on the use of classification, terminology, and standards products and development of derived user tools and measurement instruments;
b) Initiating or participating in collaborative research networks with relevant user communities and online platforms.

Some examples of current projects the WHO-CC are addressing:
– ICD-11 Field Trial – Bridge coding and data quality
– Coding Rules –main condition, number of dx field, type 2, clustering
– Case summaries for ICD-11 coding – ICD definition
– Checking internal consistency for accurate coding
– Standardizing ICD morbidity case-definitions
– Strategies of improving ICD data quality (Documentation and coders)
– ICD data and patient centred care
– Adjustment methods in chronic disease surveillance
– Coding ICD-11 related quality and safety
– ICD Quality and Safety Topic Advisory Group
– Strengthen the research work- Collaboration

For more information on the current ICD work at WHO, please see the ICD-11 Beta Online Version:

Hypertension Canada Outcomes Research Task Force (ORTF)

Libin Institute Analysis Centre (LIAC)

International Methodological Consortium for Coded Health Information (IMECCHI)