Here you will find resources, SAS code and downloads from several of our publications.  *Cut and paste code from links to run in SAS *

1) An audit tool for assessing appropriateness of carotid endarterectomy

2) Defining Chinese Ethnicity Using Surnames

3) ICD10 – ICD9 Elixhauser/Charlson coding

4) Adaptation of AHRQ PSI for Use in ICD-10 Data

5) Deriving ICD-10 Codes for Patient Safety Indicators for Large-Scale Surveillance Using Administrative Hospital Data

6) Environmental Scan of PROMs and PREMs in AB

7) Methods for identifying 30 Chronic Conditions: Application to Administrative Data

8) JAVA Algorithms of EMR Definitions for Clinical Conditions

9) EMR Definitions for Clinical Conditions Using Chinese EMR

10) Measuring Patient-centred Care

11) Adjusted Survival Curves

12) Competing Risks Curves