Episode 4: The Use of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Clinical Practice

In this episode, Dr Jose Valderas Martinez, Professor of Health Services and Policy Research at the University of Exeter, UK, discusses the use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures in clinical practice: their application, linking to management actions, and overcoming barriers to implementation.

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Release Date: January 28, 2016
Duration : 11:51

Jose_Valderas-MartinezJose Valderas Martinez, PhD, MPH, General Practitioner

Dr. Valderas is an Academic General Practitioner, with a commitment to research on patient centred care that is relevant for decision making in clinical practice and health policy. He leads the Health Services & Policy Research Group at the University of Exeter Medical School and the patient-centred care theme of the Exeter Collaboration for Academic Primary Care (APEx).

His current research interests focus on the use of patient reports on their own health for decision making in clinical practice and health policy, and the improvement of processes of care (quality and safety), with a particular interest in patients with multiple conditions. He has been awarded a Clinician Scientist Award awarded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), UK, for a research program on the use of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) in improving primary care for people with multi-morbidity. He is an author of the open blog on Health Policy HP Snippets and serve as an Associate Editor for the European Journal of General Practice.

Since completing his training as a General Practitioner, he has maintained an active clinical practice in different countries and in a variety of environments, including developing countries.  He is also devoted to postgraduate teaching, particularly in areas where research meets clinical practice (Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence Based Practice).